A farm to glass experience

Pale Ale

An easy drinking American-style ale with blend of barley, corn and late hop additions.

32 IBU4.2%


West Coast IPA

A slightly bitter, hop-forward IPA with notes of strawberry and cherry created by a dry hop addition of Barbe Rouge aroma hops.

61 IBU // 6.5%


Dry Hopped Kettle Sour

Utilizing some Lacto we created a tangy sour style ale, dry hopped with our own Cascade & Columbus hops. The name says it all

27 IBU // 4.9%



Refreshingly crisp, this Wheat Ale was brewed using Canadian wheat and our own Cascade hops.  A lovely summer beverage!

25 IBU // 5.9%



A rich, full-bodied, easy drinking stout. We promise stouts are more than just a winter beer.

37 IBU // 5.1%